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Edu Pro US is providing United Nations Internship Program. We are sending around 50 students to UN internship program every year (The open positions are limited) . Please send us the inquiry if you are interested in joining! ※This year, it will be virtual internship due to COVID-19 situation and open positions are more than usual.

Student's Voice

Boonlue, Bajaree

【ESL Course】

Thank you EduPro for  introducing me to the best language school in LA ! I love my classmates and teachers so much. When I came to the U.S, I couldn't speak English well, but now I can have confidence about my English skills! If you have no idea which ESL school will match you, I recommend asking the EduPro Team. They are very kind and helpful all the time!

Yamamoto, Akihiro

【College Preparation course】

Since I decided to go to college in the U.S, I was struggling with college application. I failed once, so I asked Edu Pro to help me.

This year, I finally got acceptance from 2 colleges with EduPro support last year! They advised me a lot about writing admission essay which was really helpful. Thank you, EduPro Team!

Park, Jimin

【Internship Experience

I did an internship in a fashion company in NYC and it was an unforgettable experience in my life. I learned a lot and met so many exciting people there.  It was not possible if I looked for the internship company by myself.. So, I really appreciate the EduPro agency to connect with that company! Thank you for your help and hard work!

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Experience, Study Abroad in the U.S!

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